Your special day is the day you will treasure and lovingly remember for the rest of your life. At the end of the day, both you and your guest will have a lot of beautiful memories to take along!

For your special events, the outdoors area of Chalara restaurant, surrounded by beautiful flowers and orange trees could be ideal for up to 40-45 people.

An engagement, a wedding, a baptism, or even a birthday becomes a unique event full of character.

At Spilia Village Hotel & Villas, you can enjoy your accommodation and organize your special day in our stone built, Venetian style building for smaller groups or/and even in the outdoors area for groups up to 40-45 persons in a warm and friendly environment.

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Spilia Village Hotel also offers the ideal choice for meetings / events of small groups of up to 20 persons, in a warm, friendly environment, full of tranquility and relaxing isolation.

If your desire is to make the wedding of your dreams a reality, or if you want to organize a cozy meeting that will be long remembered, please fill out the form below, or contact us directly at